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Set Lighting!

I took advantage of an amazing set that was designed by some colleagues that I was very fortunate enough to be asked to light for an advertising production. The lighting set up did not change from their requirements, but after set wrap up, I added gels to each light and asked Aleks to step in. Luckily, she always looks fantastic on camera.

I knew that I wanted to create depth and texture as, although the set was amazing, the walls themselves looked a little flat. There was also a massive treasure chest in the middle of the background that was crying out for some interesting shadows.

A blind was placed in front of a Fresnel to cast noir-like shadows across the set. I also placed a shelving unit in front of this with random objects on to cast the shadow onto the treasure chest. Plenty of blackwrap was used to cut the light from the subject.

2 further Fresnel's were directed from the back through the diffusion gels.

CTO gel was added around the lightbulb of the practical light you see in the backgrounds. The two tall standing practical's were left slightly colder to give colour separation.

For the subject, a Sumo light was placed about 3/4 over top of the subject and again, blackwrap was used to stop this beast of a light from hitting the now-noir looking walls. The eyes weren't sparking enough for me though so a Dedo was placed at the back of the studio to give a twinkle in the eye. To separate out the subject to the background, a studio 2k was turned on and angled just off the shoulders, being careful that this light wasn't too obvious to the viewer as I didn't want to create angelic look which would have been far too easy to do.

This was all shot with my Canon A1 using Cinestill800T film. Processed by Analogue Wonderland.

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