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 "Music is at the heart of Watchmaker Studios. We have always been surrounded by it. Creating content for bands and artists, over a decade of touring in bands ourselves, alongside a passion for (and education in) visual media - we have established the perfect set of skills to link sound and video through composition and design."


Stop motion foley, sound design and music

The latest game OST project was for indie novel Hummingbirds Crown, released by Fable Novel

Complete audio re-design for Kena: Bridge of Spirits

All sounds and music recorded solely for this reimagining.

Handoween original score

(Video won an honourable mention at the IMVAs)

Music is our passion. We strive to keep our genre's diverse and never back down from a compositional challenge.

From orchestral to synth wave, pop to heavy metal - we are confident that we can give your project the auditory life it deserves.

Westworld Scoring Competition entry

Music composition reimagining for the Outlast game trailer

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