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Christopher A. Maher

Visual and Audio Technical Artist

How I got here

MA Screenwriting // BA Screen Art

Being the typical punk rock crunching, skateboard snapping teen with a love of Tim Burton - it almost felt like I had no choice but to pursue a career in art. During college, learning media management and content creation then onto university to look deeper into the artistic and conceptualisation side of digital art. Only music stood side-to-side with my love of light and portraiture.

After graduating from University for the Creative Arts I found myself deep within the rock and metal music scene writing, rehearsing, spending weeks at a time in recording studios before hitting the road touring and playing festivals. I began taking photos towards the end of my gigging days and fell back in love with photographic direction. I started making content for festivals in the UK, from the established (Bloodstock Open Air) to newer (Uprising), battling with the elements and recording interviews with some of the biggest names in the metal world. Between this, I would capture moments, memories, music videos, portraits, landscapes and anything else that involved the use or manipulation of light and sound.

I am currently a Media Arts Technician and Visiting Lecturer at Royal Holloway University of London, teaching cinematography, fiction/non fiction filmmaking and editing/grading. I am also on a journey learning to light within Unreal Engine 5 using placement, light functioning materials and blueprints to create engaging and cinematic atmospheres for Virtual Production, a side effect being that I am also discovering environmental design in the process. 

During the pandemic I leaned heavily into online streaming and found myself designing and presenting live animation within Character Animator and a heavily modded OBS to allow for real-time camera movement, animated chat interaction and other surprises showcased within a 2D world. I then started setting up channels for other streamers and companies.

A passion never fades and I still write and produce music for games, films and animation, reviewing and photographing gigs and continue to create all types of content so, please check out some of my work here under my moniker "Watchmaker Studios" and contact me to start creating together!

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